3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home


Ducted air conditioning is usually known for being a premium option, given its high upfront installation costs. However, taking into consideration the multiple benefits that ducted AC systems offer, such as versatility and energy saving features, this option may save you a lot of money in the long run.

Ducted air conditioning systems also provide you with more flexibility because there are a lot more features available than your standard AC system. So, why not consider an air conditioning solution that provides you with year-round climate control and more?

Why Ducted Air Conditioning?

1. It can be cost-effective in the right space

The layout and size of your living space is the first thing you should consider when deciding on what air conditioning system to go with. Ducted air conditioning is best suited for larger spaces with multiple rooms and floors, as it allows for a more balanced airflow. The upfront installation costs may be higher, but this is mitigated by how efficiently the system cools your entire home. Also, a more efficient system = lower energy bills.

With a ducted AC, you’ll be able to cool your living space (and all the individual rooms in it) from a single system. Installing an AC unit in each individual room would likely cost more if there are many rooms, which is why you’re better off installing a single system. A ducted AC unit would also help reduce the redundancy whilst still maintaining an optimal temperature.

2.  Heating and cooling functions from ONE system

One of the key advantages of a ducted air conditioning system is having the option of reverse cycle air conditioning. This system allows for better versatility as it provides both cooling and heating functions. Instead of going out of your way to install a heater to get through winter, you’d be saving your time and money by installing a ducted reverse cycle system. You would also be saving on space, as heating units can be bulky and could throw off your home’s aesthetic.

Having the best of both worlds from one system is especially ideal for the Western Australian climate. You would be able to switch between heating or cooling the room with just a press of a button, making it both an easy and comfortable experience. 

Even though it’s using a single system, ducted ACs are designed to avoid overloading, even during peak hours. So don’t worry about excessive wear and tear and the resulting maintenance costs.

3. Customisable temperature

What’s the point of getting an air conditioning system if you can’t customise its temperature to suit your exact needs? Zoning is a fancy name for controlling the temperature in each room or zone of your living space from a single controller. The control system is usually mounted to the wall of a commonly frequented area, like the living room. This customisable control allows for an added comfort as the inhabitants of your home can adjust according to their desired temperature.

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioner Smart Control – smart management control app on your smartphone. Available on selected units

Some systems even have smart controls available now via your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world. So imagine a situation where you realised that you left your AC unit running while already in another country or state. You’d still be able to switch it off from your smartphone or tablet without incurring a hefty energy bill when you get back. 

Zoning is the defining feature that sets ducted air conditioning systems apart from other types of air conditioning systems. Ever felt like your air conditioning system is always either too hot or too cold? Ducted air conditioning also provides a climate control option that uses sensors to automatically adjust the temperature of the room to its optimal level. Gone are the days where you’re left shivering under your blanket or sweating in your room even when your AC is at its lowest available option.


Convinced that the Ducted System is right for you?

It all comes down to your personal preferences and the type of living space you have. If your home is large with multiple rooms and floors, ducted air conditioning could be a clear winner for you. 

Higher upfront costs would go a long way as you would save on maintenance costs and even energy costs.

At the end of the day, if ultimate control and additional features is something you’re after, ducted air conditioning will give you just that. Other air conditioning systems do not provide as much versatility or the scale to tailor their functions to suit a user’s needs so closely. 

Contact Gas Chill if you’re interested in installing a ducted system for your home. Our friendly team will be able to guide you on your decision.