Why You Should Consider Getting A Wall Mounted Split System

You’ve probably seen wall mounted split systems everywhere – in homes, offices, cafes –

but is it the right type of air conditioning system for you?

But what are the benefits and how do they compare to other types of air conditioning systems? In this article, we take you through a detailed overview of wall mounted split systems to help you decide if it might be a good choice for your home.

What Is A Wall Mounted AC?

A split system comprises two separate units, one placed indoors and another outdoors. In this case, a wall mounted split system includes mounting the indoor unit to an internal wall while the exterior unit is mounted to an exterior wall.

Split systems are versatile in that they provide both heating and cooling solutions and are easy to install and maintain

The split system remains the most popular choice of air conditioning for most Australian homeowners because they’re affordable and the installation process is quite straightforward.

How Do Split Systems Work?

The outdoor unit of the split system absorbs heat while the indoor unit cools and pumps cool air into the indoor unit. This is why they’re referred to as ‘split’ systems. 

These two units are connected through insulated tubes, which go through a small hole in the wall. 

Comparison To Other Options


Split System Air Conditioning

Evaporative Cooler

Ducted Air Conditioning


External unit draws air from the outside while the internal unit disperses conditioned air into the house.

Turns water into cool vapour via evaporation and then disperses this in the house.

Disperses conditioned air throughout the house via a ducted system, usually built into the roof space.

Power Usage (per day)


21 – 28kW*


*Average 2.5kW system


200 – 400W




Generally energy efficient. 


Models with inverters can achieve 30% more operating efficiency 

Most effective in hot and dry climates. 


Can reach a point of inefficiency if too humid

High upfront costs but cheaper to run in large spaces vs. single units.


Cooling and heating

Only cooling

Cooling and heating (if reverse cycle ducted system) 

Ease of Installation 

(how long, will you need to knock down walls etc)



3 – 6hrs to install 2 wall mounted units



3 – 5hrs but this also depends on whether its a ducted system or standalone unit



Takes 1 full day as ductwork needs to be installed within the roof/ceiling.

What Are Some Advantages?


Split systems are able to provide both cooling and heating, making them a versatile option to keep you comfortable all year long. 

They can also be installed in any location within the house, whether in individual rooms or in common areas.  

Aesthetically Pleasing

Wall mounted split systems are not just functional but also look aesthetically pleasing as they blend in with the home interior and are not very obtrusive. 

Most split system units come in a traditional white colour, to easily be incorporated into one’s home interior. They’re also designed to look sleek so that they do not stick out in a strikingly noticeable way. 

Simple And Quick Install 

Split systems are amongst the easiest to install and have a lower installation cost because the process is not complicated. 

It involves mounting the indoor unit on an internal wall and mounting the outdoor unit on an external wall. There is a moderate amount of wiring needed for a split system and the two units will be connected through insulated tubes via a small hole in the wall. 

Most homeowners prefer split systems because they don’t require much modification to their home’s existing structure. 


Ducted air conditioners tend to lose some energy through the ductwork. But since split system air conditioners only have two units and not a network of ductwork, there isn’t the issue of huge energy loss. This makes your cooling system more efficient and saves you money too. 

Questions To Ask When Deciding

Before getting a split system air conditioner for your home, ask yourself these questions:

  • What area of the house do I want to heat/ cool?

It’s usually a good idea to pick a place you need it most i.e. a place you spend most of your time in. This is usually the living room, bedroom or home office. 

Choosing a central location in any of these areas would be most ideal, so that the air conditioner can heat or cool the space easily

  • Do I want both heating and cooling?

If the answer is yes, a split system air conditioner would be a suitable choice for you.

  • How quickly do I need a system?

Installation only takes between 3-6 hours to install two wall mounted units, both indoors and outdoors. This is a lot quicker than opting for ducted air conditioning which requires a more complicated installation process. 

  • Am I happy with the costs? 

Small split systems can cost anywhere between $700 to $1,500 depending on the brand and model. Larger split systems on the other hand can cost up to $4,000. Don’t forget that you will need to factor in installation costs too.


Estimated Price Range

2.5 kW – 3.5 kW

$700 – $1500

5 kW – 9 kW

$1000 – $4000

While split systems may cost a fair bit upfront, they will save you more over time compared to other heating systems because of their lower running costs. 

Get to know the split system a little better so you can make an informed decision. 

Is A Wall Mounted Split System Right For You?

Split system air conditioners, as we’ve seen, have multiple features and benefits. Knowing exactly what your needs are would help you understand what air conditioning system is best for you.

Get an estimated quote of a split system air conditioner installation from Gaschill to have a better idea of what you might require.